Day 7: Release

Day 7: Release

30 days of forgiveness

To forgive is to release yourself from bondage. We’ve all heard the infamous cry, “Let my people go!” God used  Moses to release the Israelites from slavery, bondage.

My cousin explained the reason my mother can’t see straight when it comes to me is that I “checked” her, i.e., I called her on her stuff, and she didn’t like it. What’s worse is I told my siblings and other relatives. I just couldn’t keep the fact that my mother covered for a pedophile to myself.

By doing so I ruined her reputation. Before I started recalling incest memories she was considered an upstanding citizen, above reproach. Being identified as an accessory to incest must have been humiliating, shameful. Though the choice was hers, I imprisoned her by publicly identifying her by her sin. She couldn’t be released unless I allowed her to be released. What if it’s time to let her out on parole?

Justice vs. Just Us
Jesus has been with me through all of it. I stand in awe that I made it out of my parent’s home with just enough sanity to realize recovery. He has exacted His brand of justice. He ensured I made it out so I could heal and tell my story.

What if this is also about healing my family? What if I am supposed to make recovery so attractive they’ll ask, “Whatever it is you have I also want.” After all Jesus has given us keys to His kingdom. Keys unlock things. What if I have the power and authority to unlock my family from bondage?

I’m not trying to save the whole world, rather, just us, my family. I want them to know and experience the freedom and liberty that comes from being restored by Jesus. If I truly want this for my family then what is holding me back from simply releasing them?

forgiveness (1)It’s time for me to unleash Heaven upon my family. I need to release the hounds of Heaven and His Heavenly Hosts unto my family. Jesus, my Righteous Judge, already stood up for me and gave me profound public victories.

I’ve been given time to heal so I’m strong enough that I can release them. They no longer can hurt me. There’s nothing more to take. They can neither steal my joy nor my Jesus. I wear the armor of God, and it fits and works very well when I remember to wear it.

I’ve been set free to plunder hell. I intend to recover precious jewels not through my words but my actions. My light will shine so bright they will want what I have. I am prepared to answer that question with love, grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Points to ponder
Who is it you need to set free? What is holding you back? Did you know that if you let go your hands are now open and ready to receive? What do you want to receive from Jesus?

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