Day 6: Mercy

Day 6: Mercy

30 days of forgiveness

Critical to forgiveness is mercy. Mercy is another expression of love and deliverance from judgment. Mercy is to love what love is to mercy. One cannot exist without the other. Love is full of the sincere desire to strengthen relationships just as Jesus commanded. Mercy means I stop punishing others for their sins against me.

In my mind–a very dangerous neighborhood–dead bodies are strewn everywhere. Some are punished for speaking ugly, evil things to and about  me, so I removed oxygen from their breathing pleasure. Others are running toward me and I make sure they trip and discharge their weapons upon themselves.

In my world, people get exactly what they deserve for hurting me. God says I should turn the other cheek, but I say turn the other cheek, duck as they swing then swing back so hard they can’t get up.

That’s not how it works. In a court of law we have a jury of peers who decide punishment. Sometimes punishment fits the crime. In my world, punishment always exceeds the crime because I’m pissed off.

Fortunately, I’ve learned Mercy came running toward and rescued me from myself. My heart is softened today. I have come to believe that without mercy this place would be hell on earth.

“Love one another in the same way I have loved you.”—John 15:12 NLT

Points to ponder
When did you receive mercy, i.e., didn’t get the full punishment you deserved? Who doesn’t deserve mercy? Why? Will you be merciful with those who don’t deserve it including yourself?

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