Day 30: It’s worth it

Day 30: It’s worth it

30 days of Forgiveness

When I thought dieting was the answer to my weight problem I did everything I could to be successful. It was not easy. It was painful but it was worth it. I looked better and felt healthier and looked forward to achieving my weight goal.

Since then, I’ve figured out dieting is not the answer. My problem is far deeper than what I put in my mouth and how much I exercise. My weight problem was directly correlated to abuse I didn’t remember.

I also figured out another answer to my weight problem was that I never truly felt loved unconditionally. Food loved me better than my parents or anyone for that matter. It tasted good especially in large amounts like an entire bag of double-stuff Oreo cookies. No milk required. They tasted even better when they were hiding in my chest of drawers under my pajamas.

Actually, the reason I was and still am overweight is I don’t really feel safe and secure. Food is my best friend. It’s always there. It never ridicules me. It never rejects me. It doesn’t say I look fat and it accepts me for who I am unconditionally. I don’t have to be afraid of food beating me, raping me or making fun of me.

Recovery and healing are a process
My therapist tells me that with 11 years of therapy under my belt, I’m not quite halfway through this process. He promised it would get better over time and he’s right. I have been amazed at my recovery though not yet halfway through the process.

Moms in labor also understand once labor pains subside, birthing that bundle of joy is definitely worth it.

Yes, it’s been worth it so far. Every so often I’ll recant that statement but really, it’s worth it. I’d never go back to the way it used to be. Never. So go ahead. Flex that forgiveness muscle and be the change you want realized.

Points to ponder
What struggle is worth it for you? How can you share this hope with others? Will you also share that in the comments below?

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