Day 26: Believe

Day 26: Believe

30 days of forgiveness

My home life growing up didn’t breed very much confidence. For a long time I didn’t believe in myself, my abilities, my future. My self esteem was in the toilet.

I wasn’t accepted to any universities out of high school but was in night school in community college. I felt I was doomed to a life of mediocrity, struggle and poverty.

I felt doomed to marriage and resigned to a life of being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen until I died. I’d always give-in to the man because I was merely a woman. I had many God-given abilities yet my upbringing gave me reason to doubt my future would be prosperous. A life of servitude was what my culture said I would do.

Breaking the cycle
This was not God’s plan for me. A narrative was provided by the enemy of my soul to my ancestors who unknowingly agreed with this lie. When my parents divorced I watched my mother emerge from a seemingly helpless housewife and mother who happened to have full-time job to a woman empowered, focused and fixed on being successful in her careers at home and work.

I took it a step further by being the first in my family to get a Bachelors degree. Upon graduation, I began to believe it was possible to move forward, be an amazing mom while having an amazing career.

It took several years for me to replace stinking thinking and with hope for a prosperous future God predestined, preordained for me and my family. I came to believe all things truly were possible with God by my side. I had to forgive all previous generations for perpetuating a lie they didn’t realize was damaging and devastating.

Action I must take
I forgive myself for negative thoughts, ideations and actions. As I do this, I restore hope in myself. I believe anything is possible. I feel energized, alive, excited, full of anticipation of Goodness. I forgive myself for not believing in me and what God can do through me. I forgive myself for doubting God’s goodness despite my circumstances.

I am a light that attracts my own bugs, i.e., people who believe or want to believe in themselves, are comfortable in their skin and have room in their hearts for me. As I break the cycle, I believe I can do anything with Jesus once I put my mind to it.

Points to ponder
What lies do you believe? How can you break that cycle of wrong thinking? Will you make inner healing a priority so you can live a rich, full life free from negativity? What are the next steps to make this happen?

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