Day 25: Trust God

Day 25: Trust God

When I forgive, I am trusting God. I trust He knows what’s best for me. This doesn’t mean I trust the offender.

Just because I’ve forgiven them doesn’t mean they are trustworthy yet. Unless they have a relationship with God, it’s highly unlikely they will change their behavior. I have forgiven them but if I’m wise, I’ll be cautious.

How many times have I gotten a speeding ticket it, slowed down for about a week then went right back to breaking speed laws? So then it follows if I’m just as prone to making mistakes, how much more important is it for me to forgive others for their mistakes?

Forgiveness is a necessary to thrive, not merely survive and recover. It’s the first step in understanding no one is perfect. When I forgive I God opens doors, introduces people and provides a way out of seemingly impossible situations that people cannot.

I am flawed and so is everyone else. That said, who do you trust more: a perfect God or an imperfect person? Here is yet another refrigerator magnet. Enjoy

“The Blessing of an inner life
Lord, if we could see the future
It would be easy to have hope
Real hope is when we can’t see the
End of the road, but still trust
You to lead us there.”
–Cecil Cole

Points to Ponder
Who do you trust with your life? Have they been faithful, reliable, flawless, perfect? If not, then what is holding you back from trusting Someone Who is? What can you do to start trusting God with your life?


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