Day 24: Freedom

Day 24: Freedom

30 days of forgiveness

Today I am free: Free to be, live, move, have my being in Christ. I pay very close attention to what I’m thinking and replace negative thoughts with positive Truths. When I’m emotionally weak, I talk with others who  remind me of those Truths especially when all I see is doom and gloom.

Self preservation
I want life more abundantly, the life Jesus promised. Death is not an option. When I forgive, I am contributing to life. I am engaged with a move that says, “This too shall pass.” In other words this is for now, not forever. Tomorrow is another day. There are other fish to fry. I can throw more clichés but you get the gist.

God has thrown me a life preserver called forgiveness. Do I grab it and live, or count myself as unworthy and die?

Real living is give and take. Give and take forgiveness.

Time marches on
No matter how hard I try, I cannot make time stand still. I don’t want to be left behind.

When I refuse to forgive I hold others as well as myself in debtor’s prison. Last I heard prison wasn’t very pleasant so why would I want to stay there? Unforgiveness hurts me as much as it hurts the one who needs forgiveness. When I don’t extend forgiveness I am left behind emotionally, spiritually and otherwise.

There’s something to be said for rolling with the punches. Let time take time, yes, but don’t let it take forever. The longer you wait the longer you delay your blessing.

Points to ponder
How long has it been since you forgave those who hurt you? Why? What is holding you back from working through your pain? Does it feel like you’re drowning and there’s no lifeguard? If thrown a Life Preserver, are you willing to grab it and be rescued from certain death? Why?

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