Day 23: Let the healing begin

Day 23: Let the healing begin

Once I’ve forgiven someone I have restored the standard, i.e., once forgiven I don’t get to reach back and shove it in their face the next time they screw up. I’ve forgiven them. Their sin is now cast as far away as the east is from the west.

Perfect love doesn’t keep a list of offenses yet my mother can tell you in detail all of the wrongs I’ve committed against her. When I think about that I consider my own kids.

If I kept a list of all the wrongs my children did, it would take up an entire bookcase. It would also remain in my heart and weigh heavily on my soul.

The natural outcome when practicing true forgiveness is healing.

I remember when my brother or sister would scrape their knee. I’d step in and clean out the wound with water and hydrogen peroxide followed by a Band-Aid. Of course, there was the initial pain of the injury itself then came the pain from cleaning and subsequent healing. Shortly after the Band-Aid comes off.

If I left the Band-Aid on too long, it doesn’t have a chance to heal completely. Once off, the final stage of healing begins. There’s a little pain left but days later the incident and wound are forgotten.

When I’ve been wronged, hurt, cut down, I have a choice. I can either refuse healing measures, clean it up then leave the Band-Aid on too long, or clean it up, apply/remove Band-Aid and heal completely.

I choose the latter although lately, where one relative is concerned, I’ve left the Band-Aid on too long and it’s hurting again. Why go through all the trouble of cleaning up the wound, adding an agent to kill off bacteria then leave the Band-Aid on too long only to start over and prolong suffering?

Heart condition
What does the Band-Aid represent? My heart. If my heart is so wounded I can’t heal then I’ll continue tending to this wound until my heart is healed. Once healed, I’m ready to receive the healing forgiveness brings.

I’m working on my heart condition. I’m ready to reconcile with almost all of my relatives. My heart has been so damaged it takes: 1) a Heart Surgeon, Our Father and Jesus; 2) a Pacemaker, our Holy Spirit; and 3) a Lifestyle change, The Way, The Truth and The Life, to sustain lifelong healing.

Points to Ponder
I choose to embrace my healing because the burden is beyond my capacity to manage well. What do you choose? Do you know what Sozo is? Have you ever heard of Heart Sync? What will you do to receive inner healing? Will you strive to learn more about Sozo and Heart Sync?

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