Day 22: The house Love built

Day 22: The house Love built

30 days of forgiveness

Love is the Chief Cornerstone of forgiveness. We love only because God first loved us. We were created to love each other.

Our human nature eventually required we receive 10 principles for loving Him and each other. However, this is impossible to honor because our nature is to challenge and break rules.

When I break rules, I separate myself from Him because He is Holy and I am not. Holy means sinless, blameless, spotless, clean, pure. Apart from Him, I’m vulnerable. This could result in permanent separation from God.

When my kids broke rules there were consequences. Natural consequences were out of my control and I exacted logical consequences. Initially, I’d get away from them because even the sound of their voice irritated me. They attempted contact during my timeout but I locked my bedroom door. I didn’t answer their cries. I was angry and didn’t care about them momentarily. I figured out this is how God feels when I mess up.

Often my kids realized their mistake and desperately hoped to apologize and reestablish their connection. The thought of being separated from me, my love and affection was too much for them. I felt similarly because my heart and affections were hopelessly toward them. They were a part of me forever so I was quick to forgive. I didn’t require a blood sacrifice because Jesus took care of that for us.

Today I have a choice
I can either stay away from Him or run toward Him with a contrite heart, confess my mistakes and be reunited. Equally important is I can either forgive someone for what they have done and be free, or stay in debtor’s prison with the offender because I’m nursing a nasty resentment.

Family of massacre victim mourns yet forgives murderer. Photo by

Last week’s massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, was horrific. How could someone who was welcomed, accepted, and ministered to turn around and shoot innocent, loving people?

Here’s the miracle
Days later all of the victim’s families forgave him. I nearly jumped through my TV as I heard families push past the pain, forgive then ask him to repent and know Jesus Christ. That took courage, amazing grace, supernatural strength, maturity and humility that only comes from God.

This display was so overwhelming it prompted Martin Savage, CNN reporter, to say he couldn’t understand what it was these people had that gave them courage to forgive this man.

The answer is they had a relationship with a Man Who is alive today and lives in their hearts. This Man has made ways out of no way. That day there was no way they were going to allow themselves to hate. Their very bodies are God’s home and they refuse to let their home be a place where hate lives. Theirs is the house Love built.

Points to ponder
What are you building? Is it a house upon a rock that cannot be washed away when it hits the fan or is it a house on sinking sand that easily gets swept away whenever a storm rages? What can you do to cultivate love and forgiveness today?

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