Day 21: Don’t give up

Day 21: Don’t give up

Many times I’ve come so close to giving up. I couldn’t see past my pain and the immediate future. Failure was humiliating. Failure felt as good as a kick in the head. It’s a shame I had to carry for the rest of my life.

Forgiveness was so rare an occurrence before recovery and healing, there was no reason to believe I would ever succeed in life.

Forgiveness: a foreign concept
In my warped mind, there’s only one consequence for failure: death. My life was a waste of space and air. My very breath was robbing someone more deserving. “I forgive you,” were words I’d never heard before. Life was futile because no one loved me enough to forgive me. Jesus died for everyone else except me.

That kind of twisted thinking landed me in a hospital three times, twice for attempting suicide. I gave up. Resistance was futile because my thinking was futile.

A new lover and friend
It wasn’t until I met someone who would change me forever. He gave me hope and a future full of prosperity. He told me he loved me warts and all. He adopted me into his family and called me his friend and sister.

Before I met him, I was trying to live life as I understood life. I didn’t have a good understanding of my purpose for living but he showed me where I fit in.

When he forgave me for everything I ever did, my life was profoundly changed. He told me that all I had to do was befriend, believe and love him. He said he had a better way to live. There was absolutely no reason to give up on life.

Why did He give a poop about me?
He said I was an extraordinarily beautiful. He loved my voice when I sang. He loved my writing. He knew I had something to offer. He couldn’t find anything about me he didn’t like. He thought I was a rock star. Really?

Jesus planned and knit me together in my mother’s womb with tender skill and precision. He was there when I was born, is with me now and will be with me forever. His brand of forgiveness is so profound I couldn’t say no. It truly was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Don’t give up
He died a very painful death so we could live. You were made for His pleasure. He loves you more than your parents do. He doesn’t want you to worry so much. You’re not beaten yet. You have Him. All you have to do is call on Him. He is there. Even if you don’t call him, He is there.

Points to ponder
Jesus died on the cross so that you would be forgiven. What is keeping you from accepting His forgiveness? Do you believe you are worthy of forgiveness? If not, why? What will it take to accept the gift of life more abundant than anything you can ask, hope or imagine?

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