Day 19: Emotional and spiritual maturity

Day 19: Emotional and spiritual maturity

The ability to forgive is a sure sign of maturity. Maturity is having completed natural growth and development. However, if something unnatural, abnormal happens over the course of growing up, maturity is delayed.

By the time I left home, I matured only to the extent my mother had matured, which wasn’t much beyond elementary school. Fortunately, I’ve moved on and enjoy emotional and spiritual maturity.

Maturity allows me to filter out the crap and deal with the heart of a matter. I have come to understand when someone is in a negative emotional state it’s usually a matter of the heart.

How’s my heart these days?
Glad you asked. Slowly it has been reconstructed and is still under construction. Consequently, I see more clearly and have more compassion. It allows me to see things from their perspective and hope for the best.When I am mature, I no longer will be an infant, tossed back and forth by wind and waves, and blown here and there by cunning and crafty people and their deceitful scheming. Instead, I can speak truth in love.

Points to ponder
What is your state of maturity? Do you let emotions control you or do you control your emotions? How can you move into emotional and spiritual maturity?

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