Day 18: Grace

Day 18: Grace

30 days of Forgiveness

Grace is God blessing us despite the fact that we do not deserve it. Grace is unearned favor that extends kindness to the unworthy. It has been by God’s grace I am still alive today. While I love dogs, I’m convinced I have nine lives. I should have died so many times but He knows the plans He has for me, plans for a hope and a future, plans to prosper me.

Examples of grace
I was getting into the Jacuzzi at my apartment complex. I was in my early 20s. I forgot to plug-in my radio so while standing in the water up to my knees, I tried to plug in the radio. Suddenly, I felt a very strong zap of electricity in my thumb and immediately let go. Then it hit me: I could have killed myself but God decided to spare my life.

In my fag-hag days I engaged in very risky sexual behavior including a threesome, i.e., two men and me. Years later I found out that one of the three died of AIDS. Today I don’t have AIDS although I was paranoid for many years until finally, with my second pregnancy, I took a second AIDS test that was negative for the virus.

The only reason I’m alive and well is by His grace. You might say this is mercy and you’d be right. Mercy and grace go hand in hand.

Forgiveness simply is another form of grace and mercy. It says, “I have decided to love or accept or both rather than hate.” When I am extended grace through forgiveness I’m open to not only receive but give. I am able to excuse an offense without exacting a penalty.

My heart is lighter and my countenance is brighter. There’s a spring in my step. I feel loved.

Points to Ponder
What circumstances should have killed or severely disabled you? Do you now see His grace in your life? When did you extend someone grace in the form of forgiveness and second chances? How did it feel to be given second, third and more chances to get it right? Who can you extend grace and forgiveness to today?

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