Day 17: Pain is growth

Day 17: Pain is growth


30 days of forgiveness

Pain indicates a problem. Instantly and instinctively we know something hurts. We must find out what hurts and why. Once we diagnose the problem and it’s cause, we take action to begin the healing process.

Healing is not without its own pain yet over time pain subsides. If it doesn’t then we seek solutions from someone with far more knowledge and wisdom than we have, usually a doctor.

The purpose of pain
Pain is part of the human experience. Pain is either a teacher or a torturer. It’s a teacher when I learn from my mistakes and apply lessons learned. It’s a torturer when I refuse to learn and insist I know what’s best.

Pain is growth because you learn how to prune what is not fruitful or productive. Pruning increases the right yield in us. We receive wisdom–sometimes beyond our years and experience–compassion, love and a much greater understanding of who we are and Whose we are.

Growth pains
My son is about 6’ 2” tall and still growing. When he started to shoot up he was in pain. It was joint and muscle pains usually accompanied by headaches, an increase in appetite and need to sleep much more.

He begged me to take him to the doctor but I knew exactly what was going on. He was experiencing growth pain. He shot up from 4’ 9” to 5’ 10” within 12 months. By the time he was 14.5 years old he was 6’ tall.

I remember giving him Tylenol for pain and just wishing I could make him feel better. However, I also knew that for him to grow, pain is part of the calculus. I cannot stop it.

Pain brings growth and maturity
Pain is growth. I could either waste my pain and learn nothing or leverage my pain and learn a valuable lesson. When I forgive, something inside me is figuring out that forgiveness releases my creative juices and suppresses my appetite for revenge.

Pain happens if I want spiritual and emotional maturity. When I make the decision to grow up and live life on life’s terms, growth pains are inevitable.

At my first retreat I said I wanted strength. At another retreat I said I wanted a victorious Christian life. I had no idea I was asking for more pain. God answered those prayers. I had to persevere and overcome adversity. I made stupid decisions and learned from them.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. When I was little, I learned quickly that when I fell, it hurt. When I put my hand in fire I got burned. When I got in trouble there were consequences.

Points to ponder
What hurts? What happened and why? What are you willing to do so pain is either severely reduced or eliminated? Will you forgive the offender, yourself? Who can you reason things out with today?

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