Day 16: Action

Day 16: Action

30 days of forgiveness

Actions have consequences so before my stinkin’ thinkin’ becomes regrettable action, I reason things out with people I trust and respect. They keep me accountable and I’m a better woman for it.

Jesus put us together because we need each other. I’m not a Lone Ranger Christian believing the lie that relationship with my Savior and deep Bible study … all by myself … is sufficient. No. Fellowship is God’s design.

There’s a reason Adam needed Eve; six out of 10 commandments deal with relationships; and The Lord’s Prayer is plural, i.e., “Our Father,” “Forgive us,” etc. God designed us to need each other. Living in a vacuum is not an option.

Song of Solomon
I took a Song of Solomon (SOS) class where the instructor lived the SOS reality for 10 years under Mike Bickle at International House of Prayer.

Her passion, at first, was cute and amusing. Over time it became contagious. Her husband once shared he comforted her after a worship set. She was sincerely crying and saying, “I just love Him so!”

I want to be swept away like that by the lover of my soul. I want the kind of passion for Jesus that bubbles over. I, too, want to sob uncontrollably because I love Him so much.

Workin’ it
Each of us must work out our own salvation, i.e., I must learn how to live according to the plan laid out for me in His Word.

Jesus said the most important commandment is, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” We’re commanded to love ourselves. Before healing I hated myself.

The greatest love of all is to love Jesus. From that love I learn rightly to love myself and my neighbors. I begin to see how Jesus sees me and others He created. I have struggled to “fall in love” with Him.


Heart condition
I have a heart of stone because Jesus knew I would have a difficult life. However, slowly my heart is becoming flesh. He is the warmth I needed to begin the thaw.

I previously have dubbed myself the Ice Queen because I rarely cried. These days, I catch myself crying during a good chick flick, in therapy, at church and when I’m alone. It’s truly a miracle.

My heart is being restored and revived so I can love myself. This is very likely the reason I’m even willing to entertain forgiving my parents. I’m learning to love me because Jesus loves me exactly the way I am. I’m also learning to love my neighbors such as my parents.

Yes, unconditional love is an action I take, which has had life-saving consequences for those I love such as my kids. Yes, I am willing to love them as I love myself.

Points to ponder
Who is driving you nuts? What actions can you take today to show unconditional love? What boundaries do you need to put in place so you can love your neighbors (and enemies) as yourself?

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