Day 15: Acceptance

Day 15: Acceptance

30 days of forgiveness

I’ve come to believe acceptance is the answer to all of my problems today. Nothing happens in God’s world by mistake. Unless I completely accept life on life’s terms, it is impossible for me to be satisfied.

Before healing began I believed, “All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players,” but what I really want is to direct. After all, I know what is best for everyone else so taking my advice, solicited or not, is in your best interests. However, Jesus has a much different take on this misguided thiking

He asked how I could point out the speck in someone else’s eye when there was a plank in my eye? While I have a new nature in Christ, it’s the old one that keeps biting me in the butt.

Six months ago a woman remarked the KKK, at its inception, was a very honorable organization. Not quite believing my ears, she went on to explain the KKK was created to protect the honor of white women from freed slaves who were raping them. The topic came up when a teen mentioned President Obama’s remarks about religious extremists in America.

My heart was in shock. In my head, I leapt across the table, sat on her chest, wrapped my hands around her neck and squeezed as hard as I could. Instead I nodded and replied, “Oh? Wow. I’d never heard that before.”

She triggered me ugly. It tapped into a hurt so deep, I could barely breathe. Now everything she does, including breathing, is tainted. Her heart-revealing statement gave me pause.

Self awareness
Just when I think I’ve forgiven her she walks by and I’m seething again. I smile, say hello and perfect my curb talk skills without addressing the hurt. I’m terrified about confronting her because I’m afraid I’ll say something I’ll regret.

I’m still hurt yet also know hurt people hurt people. I don’t want to hurt her.

Without Jesus, my choices seem limited. With Jesus, my choices are limitless. I’m learning to trust my Savior. I don’t have to trust her. He is working on both of our hearts.

So today I choose to accept her for exactly who she is: a child of God. Acceptance changes my attitude toward her. It replaces my rage and frustration with quiet patience. It lets me choose the right moment to suggest we have a heart-to-heart.

I know she loves Jesus. This also means I know that in her best self, she never would have made such a remark if she knew I would be so deeply hurt.

Points to ponder
What or who is it you cannot accept? Why? Are you willing to ask Jesus to help you change your attitude? Will you allow Jesus to help you accept the situation as being exactly the way it’s supposed to be? How can you start?

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