Day 12: Surrender

Day 12: Surrender

30 days of forgiveness

I love me some crime shows. A familiar refrain usually is, “Come out with your hands up!” When those hands go up it means they are ready to give themselves over to authority. Typically, the offender is outgunned, outmanned and generally in a no-win situation.

I’ve always wanted to be used of Jesus so how ironic is it that “give up” or “surrender” is yet another definition of forgive? Surrender means to lay it down, give the control or use of something to someone else.

Let my people go
There’s plenty to surrender. To start I need to surrender my entire family to Jesus’ sovereign authority and control. He has them in the palm of His Mighty right hand.

I, on the other hand, have been holding them in a purgatory of sorts until I decide exactly how I want to deal with them.

I’d like to punish them by telling each of them exactly what I think of them and their actions over the years. I want to hog-tie and throw them into the klink so they can experience what it’s like to be isolated, alone and frozen out. Once that’s done, I want to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

With that brand of twisted logic, no one would be rescued by Jesus. Who’d want what is clearly residing in my heart of hearts: anger, resentment and a deep desire to make them pay dearly for all they did and didn’t do?

beach-surrenderStop whining
The definition of whining that fits best is, “to make a high and unpleasant sound that continues for a long time.” I have two words for that: shut up.

At first I would tell anyone who would listen about my long and sad tale. People were dumbfounded. I’d hit them with a Mack truck, i.e., my mouth.

As I continue to heal, I tell less. My BSF discussion group this year knows very little about what has transpired over the years versus last year’s group who knew plenty.

A pastor explained that when criminals come out with their hands up they make themselves vulnerable in the hands of their captors. When their hands are in the air they admit they have no weapons and have no intention to resist. They are now under arrest.

They have surrendered themselves into the custody powers greater than themselves. In custody, they will have all their needs met.

Sometimes I imagine assuming the position, standing on my tippy toes, looking up and saying to my big Papi, “Pick me up!” Ah yes. The benefits of surrender.

My rights
I have the right to remain silent. Anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law. I have the right to an attorney. If I cannot afford one, one will be appointed for me. However, my pastor also has reminded of my rights: As I grow in Christ I have more responsibility; hence, give up more rights.

My attorney is Jesus who will stand beside me before God the Father. I want those who have trespassed against me to get the same Heavenly representation so we can spend eternity together. All I have to do is surrender to Jesus.

Points to Ponder
It’s time to surrender. Will you? Will you surrender everything you think and feel to the One who loves and knows you best? What is standing in your way? When will you step aside and surrender all?

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