Day 1: Pushing past the pain

Day 1: Pushing past the pain

Series: 30 days of forgiveness

Forgiveness is not for wimps. It takes a renewed mind, inner strength and, most of all, it takes Jesus. Without him, it’s impossible to forgive.

Pain requires healing.
Healing takes time.
How much time often is up to me.

It’s about time
Resentment is a cyanide pill I take expecting others to die. It steals joy and holds me hostage. It’s time to unhitch the resentment caboose. I have bound my relatives in prison long enough. It’s time to start living that victorious Christian life I prayed for years ago.

Resentment holds me back from my destiny. I have a much lighter heart and a sound, clear mind so I can live the life God has called me to.

The opposite of resentment is contentment. If I am to forgive, I have to be content where I am and want what I have.

What? I still love my mother?
My daughter, the family flashpoint, had an outburst in front of my mother and brother Thanksgiving 2012. They were confronted with the primary reason I made decisions with which they deeply disagreed.

When my daughter called me and was frantic I came. By the time I arrived, she nearly was beyond reach. As I reeled her back in my heart leaked. I heard myself defending my mother. Words came easily. Suddenly I was faced with a simple truth: I still love my mother.

I asked my daughter to forgive the past and apologize for her current circumstances, advice I needed to hear. I stood at Mom’s bedroom door watching as my daughter apologized. That day my mother saw me differently. She saw a responsible, level-headed mother and a strong woman.

Jesus clearly is turning her heart toward me. I’ve heard she remarks, “… and she calls herself a Christian.” Obviously, Mom is watching me. All I have to do is live my life unapologetically as I have all along.

Change: Life’s only constant
October 2013 I accepted an invitation to join my family of origin, Mom included, for Thanksgiving for the first time seven years. Coming face-to-face with my primary accuser–Mom–was not my timing. God prepared me well for that moment. I had just enough forgiveness in my heart to get through that evening with grace and my dignity in tact. My mother’s report after that uneventful visit: “I don’t know about her. She’s hiding something.” Whatever Mom.

Points to ponder
Who are you holding in unforgiveness prison? When will you let them go? Will you let Him perfect a work in you? When would you like to be free? Will you P.U.S.H.: Pray Until Something Happens?

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